Ancestors in Early American Wars

King Philip’s War, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 & Civil War

Mayflower & New England Ancestors

Sixteen ancestors of the Crosbys arrived on the Mayflower. Many others came shortly after.

My Genealogy

The Crosby & Garrison family trees are explored.

John Lothropp’s Descent Into Hell

John Lothropp was my 9th-great grandfather on the Crosby side. He was ...

William Brewster, still witnessing history.

William Brewster was there when Abraham Lincoln received word from Ulysses S. ...

Black Sheep Sunday: Grandma Dorcas, Part 2 — Capital Crime

Dorcas (Galley) Hoar was my 8th-Great Grandmother on the Crosby side.  In ...

1635: Simon Crosby Comes to America

Simon  and Anne (Brigham) Crosby were my 8th Great Grandparents. 

Light’s Fort: French & Indian War

John Light is my 7th-Great Grandfather on the Garrison side.  He was ...

John Daub, Bugler: Union Cavalry

John Daub, the oldest child of Johannes and Lydia (Wenger) Daub, was ...

Arrival of My Folk in North America

Below are some tables showing when my ancestors arrived in America.  I was surprised to see that the 17th century belonged exclusively to my Crosby side while the 18th century belonged exclusively to my Garrison side.  I was a little surprised at the data.

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When Up is the Only Way To Go

Biles Island. Even the name sounds wretched. It sounds like a fictional place from a Dashiell Hammett novel; a metaphor for living at rock bottom. But the place is real and, for a brief period during the Great Depression, my grandparents (Crosby) lived there.

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Deireadh na Tòiseachaidh — The End of the Beginning

Saint Margaret of Scotland  is a small Catholic church in River Denys, Nova Scotia. Built in 1841 by settlers from the Scottish highlands, some of whom were my ancestors. But St. Margaret of Scotland is one of the only signs of a community that no longer exists. 

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Because I am her mother.

On June 21, 1914 my maternal grandmother, Leona Gertrude Westell, was born.  Anybody who knew her knows this information is wrong. But this was her birth name, and birth date, for 56 years!

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Crosby Ancestors in Prime Time

Eleanor Billington: “The matriarch of one of America’s most troublesome first families.” Well, National Geographic Channel is going to be putting some of my family’s business out there. Here is the who is who…

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John Rosse at Dunbar, 1650

John Rosse was my 8th-great grandfather on the Crosby side.  In 1650, during the Third English Civil War, John Rosse fought at the Battle of Dunbar. The victorious troops each received a victory medal for the battle.  What John Rosse received instead forever changed my DNA, maybe.

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The Mayflower Ancestors of Roy Crosby

  Roy Crosby, my grandfather, marks the joining of multiple Mayflower lines. His father was descended from eight Mayflower passengers; his mother was descended from five. Here is a quick visual of the lines.

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Nova Scotian Pioneers

Sealed Landers was my 5th-great grandfather on the Crosby side.  And, if you travel to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, you will find “Sealed Landers Park” and other remembrances of his 1761 arrival.  Sealed is considered the first (white) settler of Yarmouth and it was there, along the Cape Forchue River, that he built the first grist [...]

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Random Photo: Wigley Men

Robert Wigley is my 2nd-Great Grandfather on the Garrison side. He was the father of Gertrude Dix.

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Blacksheep Sunday: Grandma Dorcas, Part I – Burglary Ring

Dorcas Galley was my 8th-Great Grandmother on the Crosby side.  She was born in late 1635 or early 1636 in the town of Beverly, Essex County of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, America.  Her parents, John and Florence Galley most likely arrived in America shortly before her birth. This is Part I in a two part [...]

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American Revolution: Participant & Witness

Frederick and Elizabeth Stager were my 5th-great grandparents on the Garrison side. They lived during the American Revolution and this is their picture.

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Newest Mayflower Ancestor

Elder William Brewster (≈1566-1644) is my 10th-Great Grandfather on the Crosby side and he is, by far, the most famous ancestor I have discovered.

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Gertrude Wigley Still Eludes Me

Gertrude Wigley is my great grandmother on the Garrison side. I have been trying for some time to confirm Gertrude’s birthday, but haven’t had much luck.

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Mason Garrison of Clearfield County, PA

Mason Garrison is my 3rd-great grandfather and he represents a brick-wall in my family genealogy. Mason was most likely born during the mid-1790s and died 1861 in Clearfield

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1940 Census: All Garrisons & Crosbys Accounted For

On April 2, 2012 the National Archives published the 1940 Census on-line.  With a little digging I was able to find all of the census records for all of the Garrisons and Crosbys in my direct line.

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Capt. James Kelley: Pioneer, Patriot & Progenitor of Sea Captains.

Captain James Kelley was my 5th-great grandfather on the Crosby side.  He was born January 27, 1740/41 in Manchester, MA and died January 16, 1807 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

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Edward Tinkham: Nova Scotia citizen, American patriot.

Edward Tinkham is my 5th-great grandfather on the Crosby side.  He was born in Massachusetts and moved to Nova Scotia years before the American Revolution; even so, years later his loyalty and sympathies remained with Massachusetts and the United States.

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“Lo! Where this silent marble weeps…” — Tombstone Tuesday

Here lie the remains of Mrs. MARGARET KELLEY Wife of James Kelley, Esq.

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The Legends of Augustine and Mary Bearse

Augustine and Mary (Hyanno) Bearse were my 8th-great grandparents on the Crosby side.   Augustine was a full-blooded Gypsy and Mary was a full-blooded Wampanoag Indian Princess. So it is written…

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Edward Tinkham: Patriot

The Crosby side of my tree has their first Patriot!  Edward Tinkham’s patriotic service to the American cause during the revolution was confirmed and my lineage to him was accepted by the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). 

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Mitt, Clint and Me?

John Lothropp (1584-1653) was my 9th-great grandfather on the Crosby side.  He emigrated from England in 1639 and it is estimated that he now has over 80,000 direct descendants in America;  two of those descendants were featured at the recent Republican National Convention.

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Taking Inventory: Bare Spots in the Family Tree

Sometimes there is nothing more sobering than seeing a heap of data presented in a visual way.  This was the case when I completed a six generation family tree.

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Mayflower Roll Call

Last month I discovered the names of another set of great grandparents, and another Mayflower line, on the Crosby side.  With a little research it became apparent that this was more than a single Mayflower line; five *new* lines pass through the new set of grandparents. 

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Amanuensis Monday & Another Mayflower Puzzle Solved

The last will and testament of William Clements, my 3rd-great grandfather on the Crosby side, arrived yesterday. The will provided the key piece of information needed to prove my lineage through Jane Crosby to more Mayflower passengers.

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Black Sheep Sunday: John Billington & The Noose

John Billington is my 10th-Great Grandfather on the Crosby side.  John was born about 1580 in Lincolnshire, England and arrived in the New World, in 1620, aboard the Mayflower. John was no “Saint” — he was in fact, a “Stranger.”

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The Will of Janett Crosbye, November 1568

A transcription of Janett Crosby’s last will and testament. Written November 5, 1568 and probated May 9, 1569. She was my 11th-Great Grandmother.

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Matrilineal Mother’s Day — Six Generations

To mark Mother’s day this year, I decided to write a little about my matrilineal line. Simply put, this line follows my mother’s, mother’s mother, etc.  Matrilineal lines are usually the most difficult to follow because with each marriage comes a new surname; I am lucky to have found six matrilineal generations.

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My Father’s Fathers: The Crosby Line, 1440-1954

In July of 1635 my 8th-great grandfather, Simon Crosby, arrived in Boston, from England.  But thanks to a book, written by Eleanor Davis Crosby, Simon’s arrival is not the beginning of Crosby history.

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Chasing My Tail: My Tale of Chasing Abigail Wallis

Abigail Wallis is definitely my 7th-Great Grandmother on the Crosby side. Okay, she probably is. Well she possibly is. Oh hell, it’s not likely that Abigail Wallis is my 7th-great grandmother at all. At least not that I can prove! So why write about her? Well…

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Puzzle Solved: Joanna Morton

Joanna Morton is my 7th-Great Grandmother on the Crosby side and until recently, she was the end of a branch. With a single bit of information I was able to move three generations past Joanna.

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William Hoar: A Life Under a Black Cloud

William Hoar is my 8th-Great Grandfather on the Crosby side.  William lived his life under the black cloud that followed his wife. But it is because of his wife’s infamy that so much is known about William. I wonder if he would be pleased?

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Mason Garrison of Clearfield, PA – Update

Although I wish I has good news to report about Mason Garrison, that is not the case.  There has been no breakthrough in the brick-wall that Mason represents. All I can report is a few crumbs of new information, in the hopes that somebody else will put these bits to good use.

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The Languages of My Ancestors

During the exploration of my genealogy I have encountered ancestors whose primary language was not mine. Of course most genealogists expect to find ancestors that spoke a different language. Nonetheless, I was surprised to learn of the languages.

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